Femitu is a tea month club, that have spent five years scouring the globe in search of high quality teas, and we have found teas such as pu-erh from Yunnan, China, black tea from the snowy Himalayas of eastern Nepal, sencha from Shizuoka, Japan, and black tea from Ceylon, Sri Lanka.

Teas to wake you up in the morning, and teas to make you sleep well at night. Start the day with a sip of steamed green tea from Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan, and enjoy the peace and quiet with a book in your hand.

Our worldwide teas provide a healthy balance that you can explore different world cultures while opening the tea box, tasting worldwide tea, smell its fragrance.

Add 1-2 teaspoons of tea to boiling temperature water. Let the tea steep for 5-7 minutes. For best results, use filtered water (water can really affect the taste of the tea if it is not filtered).