Each month, curated the worlds best snacks delivering to your door. For first month you will receive a curated box of high quality authentic Japanese snacks. Unique themes of Japanese cultures to explore Japanese snacks.

Monthly subscription box includes 15 plus premium snacks from around the world. Including snacks like Japanese candy Korean cookie almond crush pocky chips and more. Each box is unique with fresh snacks to discover every month.

The ultimate snack care package provides a variety of salty and sweet flavors, cookies, candy, chips, crackers, pretzels and nut. A snack of month club curated the healthy snack from around the world, great as a care package for a loved one.

A taste guide is included in every box that details each product's origin story, which help you taste delicious snacks. Conveniently wrapped in individual servings so that you can eat it on the go or share with friends and family.

All subscription services can suspend or cancel at any time. If you can't find the cancel button, please contact us. Email: Femitubox@hotmail.com