About Us

Who We Are

Femitu subscription box is founded by friends, Andy and Sam. We launched in 2020 and devoted ourselves to promoting every kinds of subscription boxes. Although we are just a startup company, we do our best to find the best quality products with great potential for growth. Currently, we have a certain number of orders every month which bring our customers great service and shopping experience.
Everyone on our team is serious and rigorous. We choose the products from the perspective of customers. We believe that our subscription boxes will achieve
great growth in near future.

Our Products and Expertise

There are four different subscription boxes in our store currently:tea subscription
box, snack subscription box, craft subscription box and STEM subscription box. We spent more than one year searching for teas which are unwell known from
all over the world. Then we bought some samples and tasted them one by one.
Eventually we selected the ones that meet the public's taste. As for other subscription boxes, we also tried our best to find and collect all relevant messages from the public and market. Then we discussed and decided together. In general, the four subscription boxes were finally selected after actual evaluation. We guaranteed the quality of the products. Moreover, the member who develops and chooses the products has several years of work experience. He has a unique vision, innovative ideas and a more comprehensive view when he faced the problems. He makes every effort to find all interesting products in the world.

Our Values and Mission

We are dedicated to finding the world's premium teas, snacks, and fun crafts for costumers. We hope to promote a variety of high quality teas and allow customers to taste all kind of teas by one order. We want to bring joy to our customers and find all interesting craft games to take enjoyable experience for people. We hope to find delicious snacks from all over the world, so that customers can experience a different food culture. All in all, We hope to bring premium products and services to all customers.

If you have any questions or anything you want us to know, please leave your message here or send us an email at Femitubox@hotmail.com We will get back to you within 1 business day. 😉

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Or you can check our FAQs for frequently asked questions, such as Customization, Shipping & Payment Method, and Return Policy, to save your valuable time.