White tea vs Green tea: Which one is best?



I often hear tea lovers say that they like to drink some green tea in case of sleepiness. It can not only clear the heat and detoxify the body, but also relieve fatigue. I believe that many tea lovers are particularly interested in knowing whether white tea is good or green tea is good.


  1. The production process: White tea is a lightly fermented tea. The fresh leaves are picked and placed under the appropriate sunlight to dry (usually 7 to 11 am,3 to 7 pm). After drying and withering to 90%, the tea is then roasted over a gentle fire until it drys sufficiently. Because of the simple production process, the tea leaves preserve the theanine and the polyphenols, flavonoids, and other nutrients as much as possible. Green tea is a non-fermented tea, which is made of freshly picked leaves that have been subjected to high temperatures to destroy various oxidizing enzymes, followed by kneading and drying. It still maintains the color. Clear soup and green leaves are the common characteristics of all premium green tea. Because it has not undergone fermentation and the percentage of tea polyphenols in green tea is relatively high, the stimulation of gastric mucosa is stronger. This shows that white tea benefits are obvious.
  2. The nutritional elements: White tea and green tea are different because the production process is not the same, and the ingredients preserved in the tea leaves are also very different. When it comes to the substances in tea, it is hard to avoid: tea polyphenols, theanine, caffeine, vitamin A, flavonoids, and so on.   The percentage of tea polyphenols refers to the level of fermentation of tea leaves. Green tea doesn’t undergo fermentation, and white tea is only slightly fermented. So their percentage of tea polyphenols is slightly different.  Theanine is the highest element in white tea, which is because white tea doesn’t undergo the process of high temperature, thus preserving a large amount of theanine in the tea leaves. Green tea, however, undergoes a high-temperate process, which destroys some of the polyphenols and evaporates some of the theanine.   Does green tea have caffeine? Caffeine, a nerve stimulant, has equal proportions in white tea and green tea. However, the high level of theanine in white tea can neutralize caffeine and reduce its stimulation to the body. And the theanine in green tea is not as high as in white tea, so the ability to inhibit caffeine is much weaker. Therefore, drinking more green tea can make you lose sleep.   As illustrated by scientists' research, Vitamin A and flavonoids in white tea are much more than in green tea.   From here, it can be seen that most of the nutrients in white tea are higher than those in green tea, and the health benefits are more advantageous. By the way, green tea for weight loss has some virtue.
  3. Appearance and color: The color of white tea is gray-green with a layer of snow-white fuzz adhering to the surface. The tea leaves are gray-green with a slightly white, which gives people a hazy feeling. Green tea leaves are bright green, and the tea broth is also turquoise. Green tea seems to be better in terms of color and appearance. Bright green may be attractive.
  4. The taste and flavor: It’s often said that people know the face but not the bone, and the same is true for tea. The tea broth of best white tea is basically mellow and slightly sweet. Its most obvious merit lies in its freshness and fragrance. The taste of green tea is completely different from white tea. Because it has a higher percentage of tea polyphenols than white tea, the taste of tea broth is palatable and refreshing. Of course, iced green tea has a different flavor. You can try it.


In conclusion: Green tea and white tea are both very premium teas. When selecting tea, we should not only base it on our own needs but also according to personal preference. You can buy some loose leaf green tea or white tea to taste. Of course, if you want to taste different tea flavors, tea subscription box is a better choice. 

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