Tea culture in United States: A country that likes to drink iced tea

Tea and tea culture is the common resource and wealth of all mankind. Besides the spread and development in Asia and Europe, tea culture has developed in Oceania, Africa, America and Arab countries. In the continuous development and changes, they formed their own tea drinking customs.


The United States was originally a British colony. Some British immigrants arrived in the United States and the tea drinking habits are also brought. In 1773, Britain published a decree that only the British East India Company can monopolize the import of tea in the North American colonies. Boston merchants engaged in smuggling tea on December 16 of that year.In order to fight the monopoly, they dumped British East India Company’s tea in the seawater. This event caused the British high-handed sanctions against the North American colonies, which eventually led to the American Revolution of Independence. It can be said that the independence of the United States was caused by tea.


There are hundreds of Oriental teas (oolong tea, green tea, etc.) on the U.S. market except the Western tea that originated in Europe, but the most are cold-brewed tea in cans (lemon black tea). Americans and Chinese people drink tea differently, most people like to drink iced tea, rather than hot tea. And Americans have the habit of adding sugar to any tea (including Oriental tea).


The United States is a fast-paced country. They purse the efficiency and convenience when drinking tea, and do not want to brew tea, pouring tea dregs and waste time and action. They are unwilling to see the tea leaves in the tea cup. Therefore, they like to drink instant tea, which is almost the same as the idea of drinking coffee. Instant tea was produced in England in 1940, but popular in the United States. Americans love cold drinks and created a way to drink cold tea - iced tea. Today, tea is the third consumed beverage in the United States, and 80% of it is iced tea. Iced tea accorded with the trend of the times, convenient, fast, and diverse from the taste, variety, package and price, therefore, the American iced tea culture is also widely spread to the world.


Americans generally pay more attention to the broth color of tea and not too much attention to the appearance of tea leaves. So American tea is often bagged tea, instant tea, mixed iced tea powder, or canned and bottled tea. Many Americans are not even clear about what the shape of tea is really like.


U.S. tea drinking customs are different, mainly brewed with black tea or instant tea, put in the refrigerator after cooling, drank with ice, sugar, lemon, or honey, sweet fruit wine mixer. It smells fragrant and refreshing. Besides the pre-packaged tea, many restaurants in the United States also take tea as the main beverage.



In the United States, most people love to drink iced tea. Because iced tea does not contain carbon dioxide and calory, both young and old like to drink iced tea. So iced tea in the United States has been very popular with consumers.


Today, the demand for green tea continues to increase. The main reason for the high demand of green tea is that coffee fans who born after the war wanted to change their tastes and seek a drink that contains a small amount of caffeine and can prolong their lives. Pratt, author of "Tea Treasures," said, "People found that drinking a cup of green tea at rest can receive a refreshing effect on the brain."


Now the American people can not only find tea houses in the big cities, remote suburban areas also opened a tea house. It also appeared some tea party, for example, Massachusetts Domma and RonIasko provided services which serve high quality tea products and set up tea lectures. At the same time, they pursed the standard of service, and used as the silverware for tea. The lecture content introduced the British Edward VII, Queen Victoria era of tea drinking tradition. The waiters also wore the costumes of these two eras. In terms of trends, American ladies are becoming more and more fond of drinking tea, while men are taking a keen interest in studying tea. Americans now continue to draw on the essence of British, Japanese and Chinese tea culture to create their own country's tea culture. There is a chance that you can taste the different tea which from all over the world. Tea subscription box is a nice choice.

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